Variety Show Entertainment

Variety Show Entertainment by Jeff Gordon includes a combination of

50/60/70/80’s rock ‘n roll and country!

You will hear a variety artists  –  Neil Diamond,  Conway Twitty,  Elvis,

Waylon Jennings,  Roy Orbison, George Strait,  Johnny Cash, Tom Jones,

Garth Brooks, Buddy Holly and more!   You will be amazed as Jeff’s voice

changes to sound remarkably close to the artist he is singing.

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Jeff will be entertaining  your guests with their favorite songs as

they sing along with him, clapping their hands

and enjoying the show!

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Variety Show Entertainer, Jeff Gordon

I Am I Said

Variety Show Entertainer has the crowd on their feet!
Variety Entertainment Show - Jukebox Hits Variety Show

What a Wonderful World

Garth Brooks Impersonator performing in a Theater

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If anyone doesn’t like Jeff, they are nuts and need to have their head examined!

Alberta Gehrt

Jeff is wonderful. You won’t be sorry if you go!!

Sarah Howard

That was a great show, Jeff. See you next season in ranchero.

Jan Murphy

One fantastic show!

Martin Lidgren

Loved seeing you every chance we got 🙂

Camilla Jean Hartmann

Red Hats

He puts on a great show!!!

Rick Scott

Call for Availability 262-215-1125
Email CarolTiffany@TalentByTiffany.com

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